Production engineering

Shaping of sheet, cutting, material removal, cutting manufacturing, machine tools, tools, control systems, production planning and control, simulation, data acquisition and processing, selection of production processes, performance and quality optimization, interlinkage of processing machines, interlinkage structures, changing and clamping systems, power and spectrum of components, construction and product development of injection moulds, moulding dies and devices, plastics engineering etc.

Our education is very much related to practice including frequent field trips to renowned companies in the Central-European area as well as to most important industrial fairs. Usually, the schooling is finished with a specific project work that is done in cooperation with a company.

Mechanical and Production Engineering

Pupils receive training on all cutting machines, in oxyfuel, inert gas and electronic welding, in forging and the construction of models, in plastic engineering and in electrical discharge machining. The training is done conventionally as well as on CNC-machines.

In conveying technical competences, the main focus is put on mechanical and manual metalworking and polymer processing, the production of complex workpieces, assembling, maintenance and care of production-technical systems, pneumatics and hydraulics, autonomous planning and documentation of work processes and the appropriate use of current hard- and software of CAD/CAM.

Industrial Master School for Mechanical Engineering

The Industrial Master training is for people with a completed, subject-specific vocational education constituting an extension of competence for the middle technical management in respective areas such as economy, industry and trade.

After finishing this master school it is possible to attend a subject-specific advanced training course with additional courses. Graduates also have the possibility to start the teacher training program for practical vocational school lessons or for technical and commercial subject-specific lessons at a higher technical school.

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