Our partners

EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH maintains partnerships with regional, national, interregional and international companies, official institutions, educational institutes and universities. All are very important for the education of our pupils which provide them with an additional value and support them with an ideal preparation for their later working life.

Not only partners from the economic sector but also the parents' association, the alumni association, the booster club and the Kolpinghaus are important contacts. All have a positive influence on the developments within the school for fostering the pupils' best possible education.

EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH is very proud of all these partnerships which are cultivated on a regular basis in the form of visits to the companies and school excursions.

If you are also interested in a partnership or cooperation with EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH, feel free to contact us via direktion@htl-ferlach.at.

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