Our projects

EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH is famous beyond borders for projects of various kinds. The most essential aspect of this in-class project work is that pupils fulfil the tasks which conform with the curriculum independently under the supervision of teachers, and that they recognize the additional value gained before entering the world of work. The processes and steps which the pupils become acquainted with in the course of this important project work are the design phase, the planning, the expense budgeting, the purchase, the technical calculation, the construction, the production, the processing and the final presentation after completion. These are all work stages that correspond to everyday working life and provide valuable insights into the various workflows.

In the course of education at EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH, cooperation with our partner companies at home and abroad is high on the agenda and takes on an important role. From the 2nd year onwards, pupils are involved in project-related work and are thus optimally prepared for their later entrance into working life.

Likewise, all final papers and diploma theses are realized in cooperation with our local and national as well as international partner companies and are presented to the commission as part of the school leaving and diploma or final examination.

If you are also interested in a project with the pupils of EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH, please contact us via direktion@htl-ferlach.at.

We look forward to your request!

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