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EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH - a school with tradition and visions for the future!

The EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH is already 135 years old and is situated in the town of Ferlach. According to historical documents, hunting weapons have been produced here for more than 450 years now. These „Ferlach rifles“ are high quality products which when compared to cars belong to the „Ferraris“ of hunting weapons . From this tradition of gunsmiths, the foundation of a school and educational institution was laid by the end of the 19th century. Over the decades in the 20th and 21st century, the choice of training facilities has been extended by the branches of Production Engineering, Jewellery and Engraving as well as Industrial Design and the College for Object Design.

EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH is well aware of these quality standards and traditions and has adapted to this level of education. It educates top-class experts who are able to make it to the top in these fields of work at home and abroad.

A short description of today’s EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH with an overview of all essential and relevant details and facts:

Type of school

Medium-level and Higher Vocational School (BMHS) 
Federal Higher Technical School and Test Center (HTBLVA)

Name of the school EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH                  
Slogan/Claim Grenzenlose Bildung. Boundless education. Formazione senza confini. Brezmejno izobraževanje.
Founded 1878
Location Ferlach - GPS coordinates 46° 31' 36" N, 14° 18' 6" O
Address 9170 Ferlach, Schulhausgasse 10
Region/Nation Carinthia/Austria
Phone/Fax Phone.: +43 (0) 4227/2331-0, Fax: +43 (0) 4227/2331-37
Mail direktion@htl-ferlach.at
Homepage www.htl-ferlach.at
Facebook www.htl-ferlach.at/facebook
Focus areas of education Weapon and Safety Engineering, Gunsmiths, Production Engineering, VET School for Mechanical and Production Engineering, Jewellery, Engraving, Ornamental Blacksmith and Metal Sculptor, Industrial Design, College for Object Design and Master Schools
Number of teachers 87
Number of pupils 618
Number of classes 29
Number of employees 13


Die heutige EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACHUntil the year 2000, staff and pupils constantly had to cope with spatial problems. In June 1996, the construction of the new school building was initiated, and after a construction period of four years the new building was officially opened in October 2000. At the same time, the whole EDP system was updated and modernized to meet today‘s highest requirements. Thus, a consistent interconnection has been implemented in the school in order to provide our pupils and staff access to information and new technologies such as internet or 2D and 3D software from every room in the building.

In the southern wing of the building the regular classrooms of all grades, the offices of the heads of departments and the goldsmiths’, silversmiths’ and engravers’ and their heads of department’s studios and workshops are situated. In the middle wing, the following premises are located besides the headmistress’ office on the first floor: the school canteen, the chemistry and physics lab, the CAD rooms and the school-owned, belowground shooting channel which is also used by staff of the test center. In the northern wing there are the workshops of the departments of weapon and production engineering. The main entrance is situated at the eastern side of the building. The artistic design of the courtyard at the west side was realized by architect Meina Schellander.

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