School building 1892-1973

k. u. k. Professional School for Rifle Industry

The Gunsmith Craftsmanship

School building 1973-1996

School building expansion start 1996

School building since 2000

Historical development

1878  Founding of the school as K&K Vocational School for Rifle Industry; lessons still take place
           in leased premises
1892  Completion of and moving into the first school building
1911  Conversion into an educational institution and Test Center
1931  Urban Educational Institution for Small Arms
1945  The school serves as accommodation for German and English troops
1946  Re-opening as VET School for Small Arms
1952  Creation of a Higher Department of Tools and Fixture Construction
1957  Incorporation of a class for gold and silver smiths
1961  Ceremonial opening of the boarding home for gunsmiths 
1963  Renaming of the school to ‘Higher Technical School’
1971-73  Construction and opening of the new school building
1978  Renaming of the school to ‘Federal Higher Technical School for Weapon Engineering,
           Tools and Fixture Construction’
1988-89  Renaming of the Department of Tools Construction to ‘Higher Department of
                  Production Engineering'
1996  Ground-breaking ceremony for the extension of the building
1998  Opening of the new southern wing of the building
1999  Completion of the middle wing
1999  Creation of a Higher Department of Industrial Design
2000  Official opening of the new school building
2003  125-year-celebration
2004  Installation of a College of Design, focus of training on Object Design
2008  Incorporation of a test center 'Federal Higher Technical School and
           'Test Center for Material Testing, Safety and
           Weapon Engineering' per January 1 2008; renaming of the school to
           'Federal Higher Technical School and Test Center'
  Approval of the school pilot project of a one-year Master School for
                 Handicraft and Design
2011/12  Approval of the school pilot project of a one-year Industrial Master School
                 for Mechanical Engineering
2012/13  The curriculum for a 5-year Higher School of Arts and
                 Design – Jewellery and Engraving enters into force
2013  135-year celebration
2014  Renaming of the school to EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH

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