The organization and staffing structure of EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH is based on the following school community and consists of:

School administration/Management
Heads of departments 

Heads of workshops
Administrative staff
School physician

The school as a democratic establishment is subject to the participation of teaching staff as well as parents and pupils. The respective board is the statutory elected panel of teachers, parents and pupils (Schulgemeinschaftsausschuss/SGA) which consists of the following:

3 Teacher representatives (elected by the teachers)
3 Parent representatives (nominated by the parents' association)
3 Pupil representatives (elected by the pupils)

To support the organization, there are additionally

2 Office assistants
1 Auditor
1 Administrator

2 School caretakers
1 Material and stock clerks
4 House cleaners

The cooperation, organization and procedures at school are organized and coordinated in conferences.

The organizational chart of EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH with the various areas of responsibility and contact persons are available for download below:

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