Overall concept

The overall concept is a written declaration of EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH about its self-conception and fundamental principles. It formulates our goals and visions. Internally, the model is supposed to provide guidance and have a leading and motivating effect on the school as a whole and the persons acting. To the public, it should make obvious what the school represents. It is the basis for our school's corporate identity.

Our overall concept

Who are we?
The EUREGIO HTBLVA FERLACH, the southernmost vocational educational institution of Austria, is unique, creative, practical, multifaceted, tradition-conscious, future-oriented, transboundary and international – the education for the heart, hand and brain.
That is who we are!

What do we do?
We educate pupils who can be directly integrated in the work process socially as well as professionally. We foster the willingness to learn by further developing individual talents. On the basis of well-founded knowledge and learning our pupils develop systematically creative and constructive skills to deal with technical tasks.
That is what we do!

How do we do it?
We develop appreciative partnerships between pupils, parents and companies in accordance with education, innovation and humanity. 
Through the continuous training of our teachers we ensure that the pupils are educated to the latest level of knowledge.
That is how we do it!

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