Performance overview

The VA Ferlach has been existing since 2007 and is thus still developing. The actual future performance overview is not determined, since the members of the VA react to every customer query individually and check the feasibility. The following performance overview is striven for:

Bullet-resistant sheet-like materials (VPAM-PM)

Repercussive and bouncing bullets (VPAM-ARG)

Stab and impact protection (VPAM-KDIW)

Bullet-proof vests (VPAM-BSW)

Bullet-resistant helmet with visor and neck protection (VPAM-HVN)

Bullet-proof glass (ÖNORM EN 1063)

Windows, doors, shutters - Bullet proof (ÖNORM EN 1522/1523)


For detailed arrangements of planned tests (e.g. costs, appointment) and for technical and organizational enquiries please contact:

Dipl.-Ing. Florian Mayer
T +43 (0) 4227/2331-3824 I F +43 (0) 4227/2331-3800 | M +43 (0) 664/73009290

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