Test center

The test center (VA) for material testing, safety and weapon engineering.

In Austria, public test centers as reasearch and educational establishments have already developed from the polytechnics (as overall technical institutions) in the 19th century. 
Besides the education within the school in the areas of standardisation and guideline systems as well as expert and assessment business, they also represent qualified contacts for external tests in the respective fields of expertise. 
With the decree of the Federal Ministry of Eucation and Cultural Affairs, BMUKK-204.417/000-II/2c/2007 of Sept. 9th 2007, HTBL became HTBLVA Ferlach with the test center for „material testing, weapon and safety engineering“.

The field of operation is in accordance with that of the other test centers within the VPAM (association of test laboratories for bullet resistant materials and constructions), of which the HTBLVA Ferlach test center has been a member since its foundation.

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